A PORTFOLIO OF premium fossils

Nature & Art showcases an unparalleled collection of exquisitely qualitative Holzmaden fossils, representing a world-unique sensation. Sourced from our own world renowned Holzmaden quarry, our assortment features a diverse array of specimen, including ichthyosaurs, crinoids, crocodiles, etc.

Prepared in our own laboratory, each fossil embodies scientific precision and artistic finesse. For the most valuable pieces, we deliver a release certificate available from the State Museum of Natural History Stuttgart, Germany.  Our dedication to expertise, quality assurance, and authenticity resonates through every fossil, ensuring that it becomes a masterpiece for collectors, an educational exhibit for museums, and a captivating design element for interior designers seeking the finest natural marvels.


Nature & Art, an Association of Applied Paleontological Sciences (AAPS) member, adheres to strict guidelines:

  • Comply with all international, national, state/provincial, and local regulations.
  • Secure permission for site access from landowners or authorities.
  • Ensure no harm to land, flora, or fauna during collecting activities.
  • Receive fossil materials in line with AAPS collecting guidelines.
  • Report significant discoveries to scientific experts and support responsible study and preservation.
  • Truthfully represent specimens without misrepresentation.
  • Uphold fair, honest business practices and maintain good credit standing.
  • Foster relations with paleontological agencies, institutions, and organizations.
  • AAPS encourages ethical conduct but doesn't mediate disputes among members or with customers.